Top 5 Nutrition Tips for Triathletes

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It is understandable that you will be hungry after putting your body some much stress, so it is just so easy to eat back than to burn. But, eating for triathlon is not just about quantity. Because, when and what you eat plays a big role on your performance during the race day. Proper nutrition is the key for having a good race day experience.

Here are top eating tips to have the best race day possible:

Carb Up
You don’t need many carbs as if you were completing something like a marathon, but according to Sambal, it is recommended to take 200 extra calories worth of carbs for each, 2 days before the race to give you extra energy.

This is the most important meal of the day, before the race your breakfast should be rich in carbs but not high in fiber or fat. Choose a food that have worked well in past for you. It is necessary to have breakfast on the day before the race and then you can continue eating throughout the rest of the day.

Dinner Done
Your dinner should be at 5:30pm or 6 pm, as you will have enough time to digest your food before bedtime. Your meal should be low in fiber and fat, rich in carbs and moderate in protein.

Rise and Eat
You should eat something that is low in fiber, but most importantly choose foods that have worked well for you during training. It is better to eat 2 hours before the start of the race. Also, be sure that you are dehydrated.

Fuel in the finish line
Rehydrate yourself and get some electrolytes or sports drink/coconut water, if you can’t take food right away.

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